Augmented - Wanted Dead or Alive - First Person Shooter App Reviews

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No animation , clear waiste of money

This is a fun app

I just sat here shooting holes in my computer. Kind of a stress releaver, and pretty fun.

Interesting idea, kinda fun.

Basically just adds bullet holes to things around you. Either wood, metal, or glass holes. It is kinda interesting and could be fun with the kids.

A Very Simple Idea . . .

My younger nieces and nephews should enjoy this app. I can only imagine whom they will target. Should be good for lots of laughs.

Wanted dead or alive

Paid for it. Loaded it. Cant play it. Kicks off every stinking time. POS!!!!!


I hate the pause when u shoot but this was the only first person shooter app I could find . It needs more guns too.

Not even worth $0.99

Very limited options, not realistic at all, and it keeps getting stuck. Bad deal.


This app really isnt that great. Its not an fps, you just point the camera around and shoot things. When you shoot, it takes pictures. You can target glass, metal, or wood. The bullet hole is way too big, and the pictures are NOT satisfying. INSTEAD OF BUYING THIS, BUY REAL SHOOTER OR ROGUE AGENT! Real shooter lets you shoot paintballs at your target. If you get the red paintballs, it looks okay for a fake FPS. Watch out though, cause real shooter has a lot of in-game teasers! Rogue agent is great! It comes with gun overlays, car overlays, fire overlays, explosion overlays, and even ufo overlays! All for 99 cents! Hope this helped

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